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School Stats


The Jamestown School Department, with the support of the Jamestown community, provides a learning environment that instills confidence, inspires enthusiasm for lifelong learning, and provides children with the skills and knowledge necessary to become engaged and productive citizens.



Philosophy of Education

The Jamestown School Department is committed to implementing a rigorous and standards based educational program with high expectations for student learning in academics and social-emotional development.  We are committed to using innovative, cooperative methods and interdisciplinary curriculum to embrace students’ voice, creativity, problem solving, critical thinking and design thinking skills. Students need to learn that there is more than one way to solve a problem and that they can be part of the solution. It is our goal to support all students no matter their learning style or needs. 

 S.T.E.A.M.; An interdisciplinary approach of teaching science, technology, engineering, the arts and mathematics provides a hands-on, innovative approach to expanding our students’ ability to develop transferable skills. The ultimate outcome is for our Jamestown students to maximize their individual potentials and to gain the skills to meet their individual goals.

School Culture

In the Jamestown Schools, students, teachers and support staff demonstrate ownership of learning experiences and their school environment. They share common beliefs in the importance of rigorous academics and social-emotional learning. Students work on projects in groups, they are accountable to their peers and acquire a level of responsibility that demonstrates their ownership of their education and growth. This culture extends to the teachers and other adults in the building who model trust, respect, and responsibility in their interactions with each other. At Melrose School P.B.I.S. is at the core of our positive school culture with our  W.O.L.V.E.S philosophy, “We respect ourselves, all others, and our learning environment for a very excellent school. At Lawn School the positive school culture is built upon the Lawn R.O.C.K.s pledge “We respect it, we own it, we rise to challenges, we are kind”. Jamestown students build confidence in themselves and in their peers. All students have equitable access to the curriculum. The schools encourage a full inclusion model and all students are part of the regular classroom unless their Individualized Education Plan (I.E.P.) defines a different learning setting. Curriculum and instruction are grounded in the belief that all students can achieve excellence in learning, and that high-quality instructional planning is critical to accommodate all students.

Curriculum & Instruction

 Jamestown School Department is committed to providing a rigorous, standards based curriculum with a balanced literacy program, real-world mathematics, hands-on science and civics education preparing students for 21st century learning. Our schools have adopted computer science, coding and science, technology, engineering, arts & mathematics (S.T.E.A.M) based opportunities as key components of the curriculum. Currently both schools in the district have a fully furnished makerspace lab with 3-d printers, green screens and Edison robots. The teachers in the schools have embraced the makerspace lab as another place where STEAM based lessons and design thinking come to life. In addition to these opportunities, our school community rejuvenated our greenhouse in 2017. The greenhouse is a separate structure located behind the Melrose Elementary School which can be used by all teachers and students on our 21-acre campus.The Jamestown School Department focuses on interdisciplinary, project-based learning centered on science, technology, engineering, the arts and mathematics. 

 Early literacy is a focus in preschool through second grade. Students in preschool through second grade receive instruction in phonics through the Wilson Fundations Early Literacy program. A strong foundation begins with phonics, but is also deepened through instruction in vocabulary and comprehension. All grades k-8 use a combination of the reader’s workshop model and the Great Books program to reinforce vocabulary instruction, comprehension and deep, meaningful conversations about text. The Being a Writer program is used in k through 5th grade, while integrating reading and writing is a complementary process in 6th through 8th grade.

Our secondary students graduate from the Lawn Ave school with a choice to attend North Kingstown or Narragansett High School. Both high schools offer Career Technical Education, CTE, programs in Engineering, Computer Science, & Agriculture. Over the past few years we have been increasing the experiences we can provide to our prek-8 students in these areas to prepare them for the programs they may enter in high school. Today teachers at the preschool through eighth grade level integrate computer science, coding, STEAM and agricultural themed lessons into their curriculum. We are fortunate to have the makerspace labs in both schools to offer the educational space for this type of learning.

Community Engagement

We believe, with the support of the Jamestown community and their engagement in educating our students, we can expand the opportunities we offer to our students. Jamestown School Department has made a strong commitment to reach out to parents, educators, local community members and businesses to partner in educating our students.  Currently we have partnerships with the Conanicut Land Trust, Conanicut Island Sailing Foundation, Jamestown Education Fund, local farms, U.R.I., local scientist and engineers who live in the community, Robotics League, Jamestown Art Center, Historical Society and the Conanicut Garden Club. Together we team up with our community organizations to foster Project Based Learning and S.T.E.A.M. lessons. 



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Jamestown, RI

Population:  5,405

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