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Coastline EAP

     The Jamestown School Department has partnered with Coastline to provide an employee assistance program to all of our Jamestown employees. We understand that this is and will be a challenging transition back to work in the buildings as a result of COVID-19.

     There are many new routines, procedures, and changes in how we teach, support, and provide an education to children. If you are a custodian, secretary, teacher, teacher assistant, bus monitor, or administrator the job is different and there is an increase in stress and anxiety as a result of it. 

      But we can make a difference by supporting each other emotionally, physically, spiritually, and mentally. 

Coastline EAP

We have been offering high-quality EAP services for more than 30 years. The experience and professional training of our clinicians, coupled with our culture of compassion and attention to customer service makes us a different type of EAP.

Over 270 employers offer our services to their employees and family members across the U.S. Simply call Coastline EAP for a confidential consultation or support anytime, day or night.



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