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My camera isn't working when I use Google Meet.

In Google Meet click on gear icon at the top of the page. You will be prompted to allow access to your microphone and camera. Select “Allow”.

Then select “Video” to confirm that your camera is working.

Our wifi is too slow for all this remote learning/working, what can we do?

1. Consider doing the cable modem/router reboot every week or even every few days; many consumer-grade wifi routers have inherent software bugs that cause them to degrade over time and rebooting is the only way to restore them to full capability.

2. If there are any devices close enough to the cable modem wifi router that have wired Ethernet ports, and the wifi router has spare Ethernet ports consider connecting them using an Ethernet cable; this converts possible Wifi activity into wired networking activity which reduces the workload on the all in one box.

3. If issues persist after a reboot and Cox can't find and specific cable issues, and you are using a combo cable modem+router+wifi (all in one box) consider getting a separate wifi access point (or router or mesh setup) to take share the workload; often the combo all in one type boxes don't have enough horsepower to perform at full speed for all 3 tasks at the same time for more than one or two wifi clients or users so spreading the load out over two or more devices.

4. If you have a smart phone with a WiFi hot spot feature and have cell phone service from the any of the four most common providers in our state – Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile, and Sprint you may activate the hot spot feature for free. There will be no activation fee, no usage fee, and no overage fee. This policy will last until at least May 13.

My child's Chromebook is frozen, what do I do?  Try holding the power button down for 10 seconds to completely shut down the Chromebook. Then restart.

Can my child use another computer in the house instead of their Chromebook? Yes, if they are having trouble with their Chromebook, they can use any other computer with access to the internet. They just need to log in to their Google account.

How do we print from the Chromebook at home?  Printing should be largely unnecessary with distance learning but on those occasions that it is required here are some instructions.

We don't have wifi. Are there any public hotspots we can use?  Yes, Cox has public hot spots in several locations around town.  Here is the map with instructions for connecting. 

If you have a technology question or problem that hasn't been answered here please email

Please include your child’s name in the title and include details of the question/problem in the body of the email.