Renie Sullivan, RN

Weekly Schedule:


@ Melrose       

Monday/Tuesdays                         8 - 11         12:30 -1        1:30 -2p

Wednesday/Thursdays                12:10 - 1      1:30 - 2:45

Fridays                                         8:00 -9:55      12:20 - 1pm      1:30 -2


                           LUNCH IS FROM 1 – 1:30


@ Lawn            

Monday/Tuesdays                          11 - 12:30          2 - 2:45

Wednesdays /Thursday                 8:00 - 12: 05

Fridays                                           10 - 12:15           2 - 2:45


  • Schedule may vary with emergencies, health screenings, or meetings.

  • I will post a note on my door if I have left the building I am scheduled in.

News from the Nurse


The CDC has released the latest AICP recommendations that adolescents, who begin the HPV vaccination series before the age of 15, will only require two doses of the vaccine.

HPV vaccine recommendations for target age groups remain the same as before. Routine HPV vaccination is recommended at 11 or 12 years of age. The vaccination series can be started as early as 9 years of age. The vaccine is recommended through ages 26 for females and through age 21-26 for males not previously vaccinated.

The new dosing schedule for those initiating vaccination from:

Ages 9-14 - receive 1st dose with a minimum of 5 month interval before 2nd dose.

Ages 15-26 - initiating vaccine at age 15, receive total of 3 doses: 1st one, 2nd one within 1-2 months and 3rd dose 6 months after the 2nd dose.

Impact on RI school Immunization Regulations:
The new recommendations have no effect on the immunization requirements for 7th and 8th grade students. Students entering Gr 7 will need one dose and those entering 8th grade will need two doses. The recommendation will affect some 9th graders.

  • Adolescents 14 year old upon entering 9th grade who have already received 2 doses of HPV vaccine at least 6 month apart, per the recommendation , will not be required to have a 3rd dose.
  • Adolescents 14 years old upon entering the 9th grade who have already received 2 doses of HPV given less than 5 months apart, will be required to have a third dose.
  • Adolescents 15 years old upon entering the 9th grade will be required to have 3 doses.