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Superintendent's Message - November 2017


As we enter this season of giving thanks and generosity, I think about the importance of fostering these values all year. In school we teach the importance of kindness, gratitude and acceptance. Our district strategic plan and school improvement teams focus on​ developing students’ growing social competence and the skills that allow them to use interpersonal and intrapersonal relationships to foster high academic achievement. This is an area that you will notice development in over this school year and leading into next school year. It is our goal to teach our students how to develop the appropriate skills to be positive leaders spreading kindness, but also knowing how to problem solve through the many challenging social situations they will encounter. School can be stressful which is why we need to play an important role in easing that stress and providing opportunities and resources to assist all our students to be successful.


I had the opportunity to listen to our 8th grade students in Mrs. McGuirl’s Social Studies class. Mrs. McGuirl is doing wonderful work with our students on Project Citizen. I was amazed and proud of the advocacy and ideas being shared by our students. They focused on school stress and ways to alleviate this stress in school. They made connections to our district strategic plan and interviewed staff to support their ideas. As I listened to them advocate for what they believe they need I realized how much more we can do in this district if we change how we make decisions. Students have a voice, the importance of their voice should be considered as we develop and enhance our district. The middle school students attend the Lawn SIT, but what if our students had more opportunities to voice their concerns, ideas and suggestions in the development of our District and School goals?


Our main focus in a school system are the students. Imagine the type of school system we can become if we value “Student Voice”. Stay involved, Be involved. More to come….


I wish everyone a very Happy Thanksgiving with your family and friends.


Safe travels and enjoy making memories.

                                       Dr. Duva

Posted by: Janette Warner, District Staff, Jamestown School Department Published:11/14/17
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