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We are honored to announce that Melrose Elementary School has been recognized as a 2018 National Blue Ribbon School. 


Posted by: Ken Duva, District Admin, Jamestown School Department
Published: 10/1/18

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Mrs. Lisa Casey recognized as the 2019 Jamestown Teacher of the Year. 


Mrs. Ana Rosa named the 2019 Jamestown Support Person of the Year. 


Congratulations to both Mrs. Rosa and Mrs. Casey! We are all very proud of you and learning you provide to our students. 

Posted by: Ken Duva, District Admin, Jamestown School Department
Published: 9/28/18

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August 28, Tuesday

  • Lawn School New Family Orientation, 4 p.m.

August 29, Wednesday 

  • Melrose and Lawn Chromebook Orientation between 10-4 (for all 3rd grade students and all new students grades 4-8), @ Melrose School
  • Melrose New Family Orientation, 9 a.m. or 4 p.m.
  • Ice Cream Social - 2:15 - 4, Jamestown Philomenial Library, all families invited.

September 4, Tuesday

  • First Day of School!
  • Kindergarten Orientation, 9 a.m.
Posted by: Janette Warner, District Staff, Jamestown School Department
Published: 8/8/18

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Posted by: Janette Warner, District Staff, Jamestown School Department
Published: 7/23/18

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Posted by: Janette Warner, District Staff, Jamestown School Department
Published: 7/17/18

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Congratulations to Ms. Charlene Tuttle, our 6th grade science teacher, on being named Rhode Island's Teacher of the Year!  We are so proud of you Mrs. Tuttle!



See the full press release from the RI Department of Education here.

Posted by: Jennifer Romph, District Admin, Jamestown School Department
Published: 6/7/18

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U.S.  Department of Education Blue Ribbon School Nomination!

Dear Families and Jamestown Community,
    You are living in one of the best communities in Rhode Island. You also have the opportunity to send your children to two of the top schools in the state. Last week the United States Department of Education nominated Melrose School as one of the Blue Ribbon schools for Rhode Island. It is with the utmost honor and excitement that I congratulate our students, staff, Ms. Petersen and families on this nomination. On behalf of our administration and school committee we are very proud of all of you.
    Being nominated as a Blue Ribbon school is the highest distinction one can receive from the United States Department of Education. Soon Melrose School may be among the Nation’s greatest schools in America. The National Blue Ribbon Schools program has been around since 1982. The purpose of the program is to honor schools that have demonstrated high levels of student achievement or schools who made significant improvements in closing achievement gaps.  The Rhode Island Department of Education nominated the Melrose School as an Exemplary High Performing School!
     One does not earn or receive this high recognition overnight. It takes years of dedication, commitment, passion, and perseverance to reach the level of achievement attained by our students, our school, and our community. I remember the work we started together over 7 years ago with studying new standards, curriculum development, assessment design and focusing on high-quality instructional materials for our students.  It was completed with the help of all teachers, staff and of course our previous administrators Dr. Lukon, Mrs. Almanzor and Mrs. Blanchette.
     We persevered through challenges so we could provide a rigorous curriculum in a learning environment that instills confidence, inspires enthusiasm for lifelong learning, and provides children with the skills and knowledge necessary to become engaged and productive citizens. Does this sound familiar? It should because that is the JSD mission!
         It is through Ms. Petersen’s strong leadership and the hard work of our students, teachers, families, and community we have earned this nomination of a Blue Ribbon School for our district. Let’s continue the education that we are known for, to continue providing amazing opportunities for our students - a dynamic academic program including access to real-life situations within our community with CISF, our STEAM and makerspace initiatives, coding, world language, expanding on literacy development and social-emotional health. Our students deserve to learn more, to develop their skills by working hard, taking risks and learning from their mistakes. 
   So, as you go about in the community and people ask about the schools or why we provide so many innovative educational experiences for our students, proudly remind them of the state and national recognition their schools have received. Over the next few months, we will continue to refine and defend our proposed budget. It is with your help and your voice that we can share how successfully our students perform!
     On behalf of our students, thank you to all our families, community members, Jamestown PTO and Jamestown Education Fund for your continued support and dedication to the Jamestown School Department and your community!
Dr. Duva 


Upcoming School Committee Meetings

Budget Discussions

February 8, 2018

February 15, 2018

February 22, 2018

All meetings will begin at 7:00 pm in the Lawn School Library

Posted by: Jennifer Romph, District Admin, Jamestown School Department
Published: 4/1/18

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Dear Families and Jamestown Community -

   This letter was not easy to write. This was a difficult weekend for school families across the nation. In my own home I found it very difficult to explain to my children the tragic situation that occurred in Parkland, Florida last week. We should not have to explain to our children why other children are being killed at school or the need to prepare our children for emergencies like a school shooting. Providing safe schools is a priority of the Jamestown School Department. Our schools provide a foundation for high expectations, a continuum of supports and a community of learners.

   We are very fortunate that in Jamestown our Administration, School Committee and Town prioritize school safety and the safety of our children. Five years ago, after the Sandy Hook incident, we renovated our buildings to protect our students and staff. Together with the Jamestown police and fire department we updated the structural safety of the buildings, safety protocols and safety drills for our schools. The school buildings are locked at all times, there is video surveillance in and out of the building, and staff and students have been trained on our safety procedures. We conduct emergency drills for fire, evacuations, and lockdowns throughout the year. I want to reassure you that our school buildings are safe.

   We have a very strong relationship with the Jamestown Police Department. Chief Mello prioritizes the safety for your children in our schools. It is common to see the Jamestown police in and around our schools socializing with our students at lunch time, attending special events, and taking watch around our schools. We appreciate and welcome the relationship we have with the Jamestown Police Department.

    Providing social emotional supports to our students is an identified goal in our district strategic plan. Three years ago we had a committee of families, community members, staff and administrators who advocated to prioritize social emotional supports in our district. We have been working on this goal identifying ways to increase the social emotional development of our students. This school year we have focused on the new RI Social Emotional Standards, creating a plan on how to teach these standards and skills to our students, our Social Worker and School Psychologist have created a plan to provide preventive services to each classroom preschool through 8th grade throughout the year, our advisory committee at the middle school has identified activities that focus on the Social Emotional domains, and our teachers have embraced this initiative integrating social emotional skills in the classroom.

   Why do we provide supports and programs to support mental health and the social emotional development of our students? Today’s students are faced with many obstacles and challenges. We want them to learn how to use effective coping strategies, to problem solve conflicts and make good decisions. We want them to have resources such as our social worker, school psychologist, guidance counselor, student assistance counselor, and teachers to help them through difficult times. School is not just about teaching academics, we need to teach our students social emotional skills, provide prevention to make good, moral decisions, to develop wise, healthy and proactive students while at the same time, keeping them safe.

  Parents you play an important role as well. Please remember that open communication with your children is important. As a father of four, I know that is not always easy. Sometimes my oldest feels like I am pestering her by checking her social media accounts, her phone and just checking in on how she is feeling.

  You know your child(ren) and your community best. If you suspect something is not right, you see or hear something that makes you feel uncomfortable, report it to your school, my office and the police department. If you see something on social media that concerns you, report it! Protecting our children is the responsibility of all of us.

   Our love and prayers go out to the victims of this most recent school tragedy in Parkland, Florida. If you have any questions or concerns please do not hesitate to contact me.


Resources for your reference:




Ken Duva, Ed.D

Posted by: Janette Warner, District Staff, Jamestown School Department
Published: 2/21/18