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Dear Families and Jamestown Community -

   This letter was not easy to write. This was a difficult weekend for school families across the nation. In my own home I found it very difficult to explain to my children the tragic situation that occurred in Parkland, Florida last week. We should not have to explain to our children why other children are being killed at school or the need to prepare our children for emergencies like a school shooting. Providing safe schools is a priority of the Jamestown School Department. Our schools provide a foundation for high expectations, a continuum of supports and a community of learners.

   We are very fortunate that in Jamestown our Administration, School Committee and Town prioritize school safety and the safety of our children. Five years ago, after the Sandy Hook incident, we renovated our buildings to protect our students and staff. Together with the Jamestown police and fire department we updated the structural safety of the buildings, safety protocols and safety drills for our schools. The school buildings are locked at all times, there is video surveillance in and out of the building, and staff and students have been trained on our safety procedures. We conduct emergency drills for fire, evacuations, and lockdowns throughout the year. I want to reassure you that our school buildings are safe.

   We have a very strong relationship with the Jamestown Police Department. Chief Mello prioritizes the safety for your children in our schools. It is common to see the Jamestown police in and around our schools socializing with our students at lunch time, attending special events, and taking watch around our schools. We appreciate and welcome the relationship we have with the Jamestown Police Department.

    Providing social emotional supports to our students is an identified goal in our district strategic plan. Three years ago we had a committee of families, community members, staff and administrators who advocated to prioritize social emotional supports in our district. We have been working on this goal identifying ways to increase the social emotional development of our students. This school year we have focused on the new RI Social Emotional Standards, creating a plan on how to teach these standards and skills to our students, our Social Worker and School Psychologist have created a plan to provide preventive services to each classroom preschool through 8th grade throughout the year, our advisory committee at the middle school has identified activities that focus on the Social Emotional domains, and our teachers have embraced this initiative integrating social emotional skills in the classroom.

   Why do we provide supports and programs to support mental health and the social emotional development of our students? Today’s students are faced with many obstacles and challenges. We want them to learn how to use effective coping strategies, to problem solve conflicts and make good decisions. We want them to have resources such as our social worker, school psychologist, guidance counselor, student assistance counselor, and teachers to help them through difficult times. School is not just about teaching academics, we need to teach our students social emotional skills, provide prevention to make good, moral decisions, to develop wise, healthy and proactive students while at the same time, keeping them safe.

  Parents you play an important role as well. Please remember that open communication with your children is important. As a father of four, I know that is not always easy. Sometimes my oldest feels like I am pestering her by checking her social media accounts, her phone and just checking in on how she is feeling.

  You know your child(ren) and your community best. If you suspect something is not right, you see or hear something that makes you feel uncomfortable, report it to your school, my office and the police department. If you see something on social media that concerns you, report it! Protecting our children is the responsibility of all of us.

   Our love and prayers go out to the victims of this most recent school tragedy in Parkland, Florida. If you have any questions or concerns please do not hesitate to contact me.


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Ken Duva, Ed.D

Posted by: Janette Warner, District Staff, Jamestown School Department
Published: 2/21/18

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Posted by: Janette Warner, District Staff, Jamestown School Department
Published: 2/2/18

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Dear Families and Jamestown Community,


     The new year has arrived, which brings new beginnings and the start of our budget season. When I started this position my goal was and still is to be transparent, accountable and to serve the Jamestown community. As we begin our budget process with the Jamestown School Committee I want  you to know your voice counts. We welcome your input and would like to invite you to join us at our upcoming meetings.

     Our school system continues to be an innovative, high performing district that serves the residents of the Jamestown community. As your Superintendent I will ensure our core beliefs and values are represented in the 2018-2019 budget.  We are committed to high quality instruction, small class sizes, and a rigorous curricula that serves the needs of all students in a school environment that promotes social emotional learning and equity. Our vision  is centered  on our students and community engagement as we continue to meet and surpass the goals in our district strategic plan. 

     We cannot do this alone! We need you, your input and your support to continue the amazing work that is being accomplished by the students, staff, community  and administration of the Jamestown School Department.

    Our budget presentation will continue on Thursday January 25th at 7:00 pm in the Lawn School library. Once the school committee has approved the school department budget it will be presented to the town council at a public meeting for approval in March.

The highlights of these meetings will be:

  • Enrollment

  • Special Education Staffing

  • Curriculum (Literacy Instruction)

  • Middle School Schedule

  • The Arts and Athletics 

  • Enrichment Programs

  • Transportation Contract

  • Capital Improvements

   It is important that the community is  knowledgeable about the school budget expenditures and reductions that will be discussed. The final vote may not be until June, but now is the time to advocate for what you believe our students require to be successful and contributing citizens in the future.

   Over the next month you will see the familiar face of Mr. Mike Convery at the School Committee meetings in my absence. Mr. Convery is Jamestown’s former interim superintendent who served prior to my appointment. I had to have emergency back surgery due to a herniated disc, which has me working from home. I will be working closely with Mr. Convery,who will be presenting my budget recommendations to the school committee. While I am working from home I will be in very close communication with our administrative team and school committee during the budget process. 

    I hope many of you are able to attend the budget presentations beginning this week. On behalf of our students thank you for your continued support and advocacy for public education.


Happy New Year!


Dr. Duva


Upcoming School Committee Meetings

Budget Discussions

January 25, 2018

February 1, 2018

February 8, 2018 (if needed)

February 15, 2018

February 22, 2018 (if needed)

All meetings will begin at 7:00 pm in the Lawn School Library

Posted by: Janette Warner, District Staff, Jamestown School Department
Published: 2/2/18

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Superintendent’s December 2017 Message



    Take a moment to pause and just listen. What do you hear? Maybe it's your children playing in the background, the wind blowing, papers crinkling or pure quietness. The sound did not matter, but taking that quiet moment allowed you to just listen.

    Being present in the moment allows us to truly listen and appreciate. This time of year can be very busy as we prepare for the holidays, vacation, wrap up lessons in school, get ready for guests and provide for our family. It can be difficult sometimes to take the time that it truly takes to recognize all that you have, your family, your talents, your community - what is important to you. Let’s face it our world does not allow us to just have a free, quiet moment of reflection unless we prioritize the time for it. But when you start to feel disconnected to what is around you, your family, your goals - stop, disconnect and reflect! Before time passes take a moment to remember what your thankful for and what YOU can offer to others.

      We are fortunate to be part of a supportive and generous community. As I finish my first full year as your Superintendent of Jamestown Schools I reflect on the many interactions I have had with all of you, our community and our students. Jamestown is an amazing place with very generous people who want the best for their schools.  

     As we enter the new year, 2018, I am reflecting on our goals from the district strategic plan. Each year we continue to work on our goals to enhance and improve the educational opportunities for our students. Below are some of the focuses this year.

  1. Social Emotional Learning: Students need to explicitly learn the importance of positive social interactions, empathy and emotional regulation. We will be using resources from the Collaborative for Academic, Social, and Emotional Learning (CASEL). The competencies we will be teaching to the children will help them be life-long successful learners as they grow.

  • Self-awareness

  • Self-management

  • Social-awareness

  • Relationship skills

  • Responsible decision making

  1. Curriculum is always our priority to ensure the teaching and learning are aligned to the standards, best practices and innovative.

    1. Blended Learning: This year we are working with the Highlander Institute as a FUSE district to provide coaching to our teachers on how we can personalize learning for our students through a blended approach of face-to-face teaching, technology, on-line learning, and dynamic group work.  

    2. Instructional Rounds: Together with Narragansett School District we are working collaboratively with teachers and school leaders to learn more about our practice in order to develop a collective understanding of teaching and learning. Our goal is to support systems of instructional improvement to impact student achievement.

    3. Student Voice: We need to provide more opportunities for our students to be part of decisions that impact their learning. They have valuable input that can help us enhance our schools and to continue a student-centered education.

  2. Capital Improvement: We will be investing in our schools to continue to provide our students with a facility that will provide innovation and 21st century learning. RI is invested in providing and maintaining warm, safe and dry school buildings.

  3. Increased involvement from our community: It is important to all of us that we involve our community, parents and grandparents of children in our schools and our residents. Educating our students is a community effort.  


    These goals may seem ambitious, but your children and their future are important to all of us!


I wish all of you a very Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah and Happy New Year! I hope you have a relaxing vacation making memories with your family and friends. 


See you all at the First Day Plunge at East Ferry!




Posted by: Janette Warner, District Staff, Jamestown School Department
Published: 12/21/17

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As we enter this season of giving thanks and generosity, I think about the importance of fostering these values all year. In school we teach the importance of kindness, gratitude and acceptance. Our district strategic plan and school improvement teams focus on​ developing students’ growing social competence and the skills that allow them to use interpersonal and intrapersonal relationships to foster high academic achievement. This is an area that you will notice development in over this school year and leading into next school year. It is our goal to teach our students how to develop the appropriate skills to be positive leaders spreading kindness, but also knowing how to problem solve through the many challenging social situations they will encounter. School can be stressful which is why we need to play an important role in easing that stress and providing opportunities and resources to assist all our students to be successful.


I had the opportunity to listen to our 8th grade students in Mrs. McGuirl’s Social Studies class. Mrs. McGuirl is doing wonderful work with our students on Project Citizen. I was amazed and proud of the advocacy and ideas being shared by our students. They focused on school stress and ways to alleviate this stress in school. They made connections to our district strategic plan and interviewed staff to support their ideas. As I listened to them advocate for what they believe they need I realized how much more we can do in this district if we change how we make decisions. Students have a voice, the importance of their voice should be considered as we develop and enhance our district. The middle school students attend the Lawn SIT, but what if our students had more opportunities to voice their concerns, ideas and suggestions in the development of our District and School goals?


Our main focus in a school system are the students. Imagine the type of school system we can become if we value “Student Voice”. Stay involved, Be involved. More to come….


I wish everyone a very Happy Thanksgiving with your family and friends.


Safe travels and enjoy making memories.

                                       Dr. Duva

Posted by: Janette Warner, District Staff, Jamestown School Department
Published: 11/14/17

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       Buildings are more than Brick & Mortar

One month into the school year and there are already many things to be proud of. As a parent of a Jamestown student I am sure you share this pride. You are sending your children to 2 commended schools, the top elementary school in the state and one of the

top middle schools. Jamestown teachers are the most dedicated and caring teachers with whom I have worked. They value our schools, our students, and the partnerships with our families. They attend state and nationally recognized conferences to bring the

most current, research based and innovative instruction into the classrooms. Our families and community partners share our vision to support high-quality education to our students. The support we receive from our community to bring these engaging,

innovative programs to our schools exceeds my expectation. We are building partnerships with families and community members that focus on student success. I am very thankful for your support and the value you have for your schools.


Recently the Rhode Island Department of Education conducted a facilities assessment in all the state schools. Jamestown School Department received its own facility study, which will be used to drive decisions on how we ensure our school

buildings continue to provide opportunities for student learning in healthy, safe environments. As Mr. Anderson, Director of Buildings and Grounds, stated, "Jamestown has been good stewards for the past 25 years, but some of the components are coming to an end of their useful lives." We are at a time when we need to consider building repairs before we have major problems with our roofs and HVAC systems.


We are fortunate that at this time we are able to apply for funding for building construction projects with the RI Department of Education to receive reimbursements (30%) back to the town on eligible projects. We have defined a School Building

Committee, which is required by RIDE to lead in the building projects by prioritizing and making decisions as to what repairs are necessary. The Jacobs Report from the state has an estimated cost of 16 million dollars in repairs for both schools. However, what

you need to understand is that these recommendations are prioritized in 5 categories (see figure 1). Our School Building Committee is concentrating on the priority 1 and 2 deficiencies as well as the school building roofs. The final cost for these projects is not known at this time, but eligible projects may be partially reimbursed by the state.



Figure 1: RIDE Facility Deficiency Priority Levels


 Priority 1 - Mission Critical Concerns: Deficiencies or conditions that may directly affect the school’s ability to remain open or deliver the educational curriculum.  These deficiencies typically relate to building safety code compliance, severely damaged or failing building components, and other items that require near-term correction. An example of a Priority 1 deficiency is a fire alarm system replacement.


Priority 2 - Indirect Impact to Educational Mission: Items that may progress to a Priority 1 item if not addressed in the near term.  Examples of Priority 2 deficiencies include inadequate roofing that could cause deterioration of integral building systems and conditions affecting building envelopes, such as roof and window replacements.


Priority 3 - Short-Term Conditions: Deficiencies that are necessary to the school’s mission but may not require immediate attention. These items should be considered necessary improvements required to maximize facility efficiency and usefulness.  Examples of Priority 3 items include site improvements and plumbing deficiencies.


Priority 4 - Long-Term Requirements: Items or systems that may be considered improvements to the instructional environment.  The improvements may be aesthetic or provide greater functionality.  Examples include cabinets, finishes, paving, removal of abandoned equipment, and educational accommodations associated with special programs.


Priority 5 - Enhancements: Deficiencies aesthetic in nature or considered enhancements.  Typical deficiencies in this priority include repainting, replacing carpet, improved signage or other improvements to the facility environment.



During this process we contracted with The Robinson Green Beretta Corporation to provide architectural and engineering services to confirm and validate the necessary repairs that are needed for both Melrose and Lawn schools.


I want our community to be reassured that we are only going to recommend construction repairs that are supported by data, knowledge from experts in the field, and aligned with the priority in keeping our students, staff and community safe in our school

buildings. We are proud of the work that is being produced in our schools, by our students, staff, families and community partners. We want to continue celebrating and growing extraordinary students who will one day be the leaders in this Jamestown Community. Today's Jamestown schools' students will be the future of our Town.


I am proud to be the Superintendent of these amazing schools.


Dr. Duva


For more information on the RIDE Facility reports go to the Facility, Data Information

page at the following link.


The submitted Stage I application for the School Construction is available at the link below.

Posted by: Janette Warner, District Staff, Jamestown School Department
Published: 10/18/17

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See the link below for the RIDE 2017 PARCC Assessments for all RI districts.

Jamestown is one of the top 3 districts in the state.



Posted by: Janette Warner, District Staff, Jamestown School Department
Published: 9/8/17

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Jamestown Schools among top in state.

NECAP Science results - Jamestown

NECAP Science - state report

Posted by: Jennifer Romph, District Admin, Jamestown School Department
Published: 10/27/16

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Jamestown Schools -  "Commended" 

RIDE Report - Jamestown

RIDE Report - State


Posted by: Jennifer Romph, District Admin, Jamestown School Department
Published: 10/27/16

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To review the 2016 PARCC Rhode Island Teaching and Learning Results Report for RI districts use the link below.

Posted by: Jennifer Romph, District Admin, Jamestown School Department
Published: 8/25/16